Moving to Boise

Thank you Simone for all your support, dedication, and patience when helping me find the right home. Prior to moving to Boise, Simone helped me start my hunt for a house via email exchanges that included sample listings, personal preferences, and information about the ongoing market in Boise. When all of this was taking place, I had a limited amount of time and money to invest. Furthermore, because I lived in Santa Cruz, Ca., traveling to-and-from Boise consistently wasn’t a viable option, for this reason I depended on her skills as a savvy and experienced realtor to help me through process and search. I gave her a description of the home I was looking for and an approximate location. She quickly started to work and her search, sending me listings. After two weeks we narrowed our search and planned a weekend in which we could spend two days viewing multiple possible locations. During this whole process she met with me and worked breathlessly, and with a great attitude and patience. Overall, Simone did her job professionally and with a grace that very often seems to be hard to find nowadays. With that in mind, we found the house I now call home. Simone and her staff made the closing process easy and efficient,following up with all necessary inspections, repairs and other closing requirements. Truthfully, I felt she went over and above her duties.Simone, thank you again for helping me find my new home here in Boise!

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